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High Carbon Steel (Through Hardened)


More demanding to produce than case hardened Carbon Steel balls, we use a process that heats the steel beyond what's called its transition temperature - the point at which the actual structure is changed; the steel is then cooled so quickly that it maintains this high temperature state, resulting in a product that's more resilient and longer lasting than the case hardened version.


Through Hardened High Carbon Steel Balls can handle much heavier loads than Case Hardened Balls - and they last longer. They're more expensive, but still much cheaper than Chrome Alloy Balls, striking an excellent balance between durability and value for money. In addition, because the hardness is added uniformly through the ball as opposed to just on the surface, they remain rigid and able to handle higher levels of stress even when under misalignment.


Through Hardened High Carbon Steel Balls are used in bicycles, roller skates, shopping trolleys and locks - testament to their ability to handle the rough and tumble of day-to-day life. 

International Equivalents

AISI 1065-85, EN8-9, C85 Wks 1.1269

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Carbon Through Hardened applications - BicycleCarbon Through Hardened applications - PadlockCarbon Through Hardened applications - Car Seat Runners
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More Details

C 0.85%
Si 0.35%
Mn 0.6%
P 0.022%
S 0.022%
Size Range
3.175mm (1/8") to 38.1mm (1 1/2")
HRc 60 min
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength 106,400 psi
Density 0.284 lbs/cu in
Standard Grades Available