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Silicon Nitride Ceramic Balls Si3N4


These high performance ceramic balls are produced by us from Toshiba's revolutionary ceramic material - TSN-03NH - which is certified to meet ASTFM F2094 Class 1 requirements, the most rigorous industry classification for silicon nitride bearing materials in the world. Only ceramic balls and rollers made of this material are approved for use in the Space Shuttle.


These balls benefit from high strength, high resistance to abrasion, high stiffness and outstanding corrosion resistance to even very harsh chemicals and environments. They also have a 40% lower density than steel and weigh 60% less. They can operate perfectly in temperatures up to 800 degrees C, are whisper quiet and have a life expectancy up to 10 times longer than steel.


You'll find them in machining tools, spindle motors, fuel injection systems, dentist drills, chemical plant equipment, heat treatment furnace parts, electric motors and in turbo pumps on the aforementioned Space Shuttle.

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Comparison of TSN-03NH with ASTM F2094