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Spheric-Trafalgar prides itself on its ability to measure and calibrate the products it supplies. This is assisted by the utilisation of our own UKAS BS:EN:ISO:IEC 17025 assessed Laboratory, which contains some of the most sophisticated inspection equipment available in the world. Our inspection equipment suppliers includes several well known names, such as Taylor Hobson Talyrond and Talysurf, Steyer, Heidenhain, Movomatic and many others.

Spheric Trafalgar Quality

Our UKAS inspectors have to be formally assessed, and we have extensive training programs for all Quality Control personnel. With the increasing demand for quality assurance and traceability, the re-calibration of inspection tools is becoming an essential function, This is particularly important for BS:EN:ISO 9001:2000 assessed companies where calibration systems are essential. Spheric-Trafalgar provide a Re-Calibration Service for customers and advise an annual check to ensure that your existing gauges, CMM Reference balls and Master Ball Sets stay in good order.

We have our own UKAS Accredited Laboratory, so we know all about quality and calibration systems, with certification assessed in accordance with NAMAS regulations and the relevant requirements of BS:EN:ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001. The laboratory is stringently assessed, annually, by UKAS. The assessmentcovers all of the technical aspects of the laboratory's practices and other criteria, which must be met. The evaluation includes -

  • Organisation
  • Methods & Procedures
  • Quality Systems
  • Environment
  • Quality Audits & Review
  • Handling of Samples
  • Measurement Traceability
  • Sub-Contracting & Purchasing
  • Equipment
  • Complaints procedures
  • Staff
  • Records

You are therefore assured, that after re-calibration your own tool room equipment will be accurate and comply to National and International standards. Our laboratory staff provides support to customers around the world. If you have any technical questions please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.


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